Sustainability Report 2018

Cleaning up our act In our Canadian port terminal Cascadia, we have been implementing dust control upgrades to several areas of the facility, including cleaning, distribution and storage. The project involves installing new filters in the location of an existing large shaker-style baghouse. The Main Baghouse replacement component is the final phase of a multi-year project to upgrade the terminal dust control system, initially installed in the early 1970s. The old systemwas only 95% effective, and no longer met current regulatory requirements. The new systemwill be 99.9% effective and will save up to 50% of operational costs by using mediumpressure air for the cleaning cycle and reducing power consumption by 300kW. Our investment will greatly improve the efficiency of the system, reduce costs, and ensure that we continue minimising dust emissions that may impact local residents. Environment continued Eliminate deforestation and look after valuable and protected areas World population growth and greater wealth are creating a rising demand for food and agricultural commodities. This puts pressure on producers to turnmore andmore land over to agricultural use. To protect the environment, we believe this demand should be met fromhigher yields and efficient supply chains rather than greater use of land. We are working collaboratively with producers and suppliers along our supply chains to eradicate deforestation, increase sustainability and protect high- carbon stock forest, valuable conservation areas and peatlands fromuncontrolled expansion. We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on land . Reduce emissions and energy consumption in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change All the countries where we operate have signed up to the Paris Agreement of November 2016. We contribute to the achievement of the Agreement’s targets by making sure all our operations meet both internal and external targets. We are doing this by usingmore renewable energy and by reducing direct energy consumption. We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate action . 12 Glencore Agriculture Sustainability Report 2018