Viterra App Brochure

Frequently asked questions How do I download the app? To download the Viterra app, visit the App Store or Google Play. If you already have the Viterra app downloaded, you can update it to the new version. Is the app secure for Ezigrain? Yes, the app requires you to set up your own personal login which you enter each time you want to access your Ezigrain account. Do I need an Ezigrain account to use the Viterra app? Viterra information on sites, grades, opening hours and site based pricing can all be accessed without an Ezigrain login to help plan deliveries. What if I have multiple NGR accounts? The app will let you access all NGRs linked to your Ezigrain account at the same time. Can I login to my Ezigrain account from multiple devices? Yes, multiple users may login to one Ezigrain account. More questions? Please contact the Viterra Service Centre on 1800 018 205